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Zach Schleien.

Hello – I'm Zach,

the CEO of Filteroff

based in NYC.

Marketer, PR guru, and community builder.


About me

Zach Schleien, the CEO & Co-founder of Filteroff, a video speed dating app that has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, and hit #1 on Product Hunt.

Schleien started his online dating career by launching Top Romp, a dating publication that covered dating hacks and apps for the modern dater. After selling the blog, he launched Hinge’s subreddit.

He then pursued his Masters in Information Management from Syracuse University and soon after joined Johnson & Johnson as a Product Analyst, where he built a number of online communities.

When Zach Schleien founded Filteroff, he wanted to create an app that helped people connect on a deeper level, beyond just swiping through profiles. And it's been a huge success! Filteroff has facilitated over 350,000 video speed dates, and in November 2021, they received a $2.4 million investment from a Fortune 500 company.

Zach is passionate about technology, health, and helping people build real connections. When he's not working, he loves to travel, catch up on his favorite podcasts, and workout.

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